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98470 38 107

On Grid Solar Power Plant,
For Residential,
Capacity: 10 Kw

Sun is the biggest source of energy available around us. Using solar energy for powering up life is the best way to clean energy. By this, we are putting our bit towards saving mother earth.

  • Lithium battery compatible models
  • DSP based design
  • Sine wave output
  • Soft start facility
  • Intelligent Thermal management
  • MPPT based solar charger
  • Smart space saving design
  • Intelligent load priority charger
  • Faster charging
  • Environment friendly
  • Child safe design

Available Options

Soliz Solar Inverter

Sun++ Series

Hykon Sun++ inverter is equipped with smart PWM technology and an inbuilt solar charger.

  • Solar priority & UPS option
  • Inbuilt heavy duty solar charger
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Grid charge enable/disable option
  • LCD display
Available Options

Sun++ Solar Inverter

Solar Off Grid PCU

Hykon Solar offgrid PCU is mainly meant for solar offgrid power plants

  • Hybrid design ( Grid & Solar Charging)
  • Solar priority & Grid priority logic
  • Digital display
  • Microcontroller based intelligent design
  • High efficiency DC-DC power conversion
  • Low Current distortion
  • Fast change over time

Available Options

Off grid solar PCU


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