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UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply – is the only solution available to an individual customer faced with the problem ensuring high quality of power for critical loads. There are three broad categories of UPS topologies – On Line, Off Line and Line Interactive.

All UPS topologies contain a DC to AC Inverter which supplies the critical load from a battery when the line power is either absent or of too low a quality. All topologies contain battery charger to keep the battery fully charged by drawing charging power from mains when its quality is satisfactory. The three topologies differ in the way they serve a load when the mains are present and are healthy.

When electrical utility power fails or drops to an unacceptable level, uninterruptible power systems (UPS) are key in saving and protecting valuable computer data. Uninterruptible power systems equipment provides power conditioning, power regulation, and - in case of a power outage - provides the crucial backup power needed for an orderly shutdown of computer processes and files

In an On line UPS the inverter supplies the load always irrespective of whether the mains power is healthy or not. The load is always left connected to the inverter and hence no transfer process involved. And the inverter always delivers the pure sine wave of constant amplitude to the load. Online UPS affords maximum power quality enhancement to a critical load.
Online UPS are available in two types : Alpha Series & Galaxy Series
  Equipped with the comprehensive self-protection design 
Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability 
Programmable LCD display for monitoring 
Cold start function 
Sleek design with minimum foot print.

Model: AE 1000, AE 2000, AE 3000, AE 5000, AE 7500, AE 10000

Model   AE 1000 AE 2000 AE 3000 AE 5000 AE 7500 AE 10000
Capacity VA/W 1 KVA 2 KVA 3 KVA 5 KVA 7.5 KVA 10 KVA
100VA 2000VA/1400W 3000VA/2100 5000VA/3500 7500VA/5250 10000VA/7000W
Input Voltage 170-270 VAC
Frequency Range 46Hz~54 Hz
Phase Single Phase with  ground   Three phase with ground
Output Voltage 220 VAC
Frequency (Synchronised Ran ) 46~54Hz
Frequency (Battery mode) 50 ±0.2 Hz
Current Crest ratio 3:1
Harmonic Distortion < or = 4% THD (Linear Load)
< or = 7% THD (Non-Linear Load)
Pure Sinewave
Efficiency Inverter 0.86
Battery Battery Voltage- MOSFET (AE-M 36/48V 48V 48/72V 72/96V    
-IGBT (AE) 120V 120V 120V 120/192V 240V 240V
Changing Current (Max.) 1.0A 8.0A 8.0A 8.0A 8.0A 8.0A
Transfer Time  AC to DC Zero
Inverter to Bypass (optional) 2.5ms
LCD Display   Programmable 1x 16 character backlit LCD
Status Load Level/ Battery Level/battery low/Frequency/ Input & output voltage/ Trip
Protection Overload 110% for 10 sec- Trip
Battery low Continuous buzzer
Overload Continuous buzzer
Dimension Length (mm) 545 595 595 595 865 865
Breadth (mm) 230 240 240 240 270 270
Height (mm) 430 530 530 530 690 690
Weight Net Weight 25 Kgs 39 Kgs 48 Kgs 62 Kgs 105 Kgs 120 Kgs
Environment Operating Environment 0-40c
Relative humidity 20-90c (Non-Condensing)
Noise level <45dB @ 1 meter <50dB @ 1 meter
Interface Alpha RS-232 Software supports Windows 95/98/2000/XP, Novell and Linux
SNMP (option) Power management from SNMP manager and web browser
Hykon Online UPS System is of World Class Double Conversion PWM. Technology, operating at very high switching frequency. The high switching frequency of ups enables fast response to dynamic load, resulting in very high transistent response and excellent performance with non - linear load.

The UPS is designed to support sophisticated equipments with high crest factor & provides a matched performance.

The high efficiency Inverter (94% v overall 90%) : Reduces electricity bill and gives more battery backup.

Superior crest factor 1:2.5 : Excellent performance with non-linear load like computers, motors etc.

Low total harmonic distortion (<2%) : Increase the life of computer and other load connected the UPS.

Better Transient Response : Stable output irrespective of load variation.

Wide Input Range : Saves unnecessary battery usage

Double Conversion Technology (Galvanic Isolation) : Output is completely isolated from input spikes, surges, voltage and frequency variations.

Inbuilt RFI & EMI Filter Network : Diminishes high frequency electrical noise.

High Ambient Operating Temperature : Makes our UPS ideally suitable for industrial application.

Self-Diagnostic and Testing : Microprocessor automatically performs in depth self testing to ensure reliability and performance. User is alerted only if a fault is detected.

Capable of handling 100% unbatanced load for (3 phase output) : This ensures load integrity under any conditions.

Less Heat Dissipation : Because of high DC Voltage operating system reduces current.

Most Compact, Sleek & Totally Noiseless <60db) : Saves space - thereby cost & can be installed inside cabins also, since there is no disturbance & fatigue to users.

Modular : Reduces MTTR (Mean Time to Repair).

In-house Manufacturing and R&D : High standards of quality control, factory trained engineers, easy availability of spares, Ex-stock price advantage.

High Over Load Capacity : Superior performance with high surge loads like computer, motors etc.

Microprocessor based display with UPS status monitoring and fault announciation : UPS is user friendly and user is able to diagnose & communicate the status of UPS in rare case of problem. User can also solve minor problems with tele-support of factory engineers.

Soft Start : Does not allow impure start-up power.

Cold Start : UPS can start at full load on battery.

Phase Selection Switch : Three phase supply is available. Switch will select whichever phase is present.

Generator Compatible : Works on existing generator and thereby reduces battery cost. Due to these outstanding features, Hykon UPS is poised to become well known and user's first choice to benchmark for others.

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Capacity KVA 20 30 40 50 20 30 40 50 60 80 100 120 160 240 320
Type   3 Ø In / 1 Ø Out 3 Ø In / 1 Ø Out
Input Nominal 
3 Phase
± 20%
50 / 60 Hz ± 5%
Output Nominal 
220 / 230 V AC
Single Phase
415 V AC
Three Phase
± 1%
50 / 60 Hz ± 1%
Power Factor 0.8
Wave Form True Sine Wave
Distortion <2% (Linear Load)
0 Milli Second
AC-AC Efficiency 
(Full Load) %
91 91.5 92 91 91.5 92 92.5 94
Battery Type Tubular / Sealed Maintenance Free, Lead Acid
DC Voltage 360 VDC 480 VDC
5 - 15 Amps
Indicators LED Display, LCD Display, Buzzer Warning
Intelligent Interface
RS232 & Contract Closure Signal - Optional
3000 Meters max. Elevation
  0~95% Humidity, Non Condensing
  0~40º C
Noise ( 1M
from surface)
<65db <67 db
20 ~60 KVA
800 x 550 x 1450
80 ~ 160 KVA 
800 x 1100 x 1450
240 ~ 320 KVA
800 x 2200 x 1450
Net Weight Kg 300 400 480 550 300 400 480 550 680 820 950 1180 1450 1950 2450
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