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Solar Water Heater
All Stainless Steel Boiler feed hot water
Hot water retains upto 30 Hrs Homes, Hotels & Hospitals
High Thermal efficiency Milk Dairies & Textile industries
Safe water for cooking purpose Projects for solar steam generators
In build electric back-up (Optional)    
world's most reliable welding technology    
Claims 80% depreciation in the current year    
Domestic: 100 Liter, 150 Liter, 200 Liter, 500 Liter. Industrial: 1000 Liter to 1,00,000 Liter
3 Years Warrranty 30% Government Subsidy
Soft Loans @ 5% Interest from Leading Banks ANERT, MNRE APPROVED

Solar water heater produces hot water using Energy from Sunlight. Hot water is used for different applications, domestic as well as industrial. By using Solar Water Heaters, we can save the electricity and in turn save a lot of money.
How it works
Solar Water Heater consists of mainly 2 parts. One is the collector and other is the Insulated tank. The cold water in the collector get heated up and collected in the tank by thermo siphon principle. This circulation continue till the water in the tank heated up to 60-80° centigrade. The hot water in the tank remains hot for more than 24 hours, as the tank is installed using PUF.
Flat Plate Collector
In FPC, the fins are made of copper tubes with selective Nickel Chrome plating it o which the copper tubes are ultrasonically welded. These fins are covered with toughened glass in an insulated box with Aluminium frame. The efficiency of FPC is less compared to ETC. This type of collector is not suitable for hard water and for heating drinking water.
ETC Solar Water Heater
Hykon is having solar water heater with ETC technology which is the most advanced and state of art technology in Solar Water heaters. The efficiency is more than that in a flat plate solar water heater. ETC solar water heaters produce hot water even in winter / rainy days. The main parts of ETC solar water heaters are a Stainless steel PUF insulated tank and Evacuated Glass tube collectors. The vacuum tubes are with different diameter and length according to applications. In pressurised systems heat pipes are used.
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Vacuum Tube
Evacuated Glass tubes used as the absorber in ETC Solar Water heaters. The ETC is having two tubes with vacuum between the tubes. The outer tube is transparent allowing light rays to pass through with minimal reflection. The inner tube is coated with a special selective coating (Al- N- Al) which features excellent solar radiation absorption and minimal reflection properties. The trapped heat inside the tube will not transferred to the outer tube because of vaccum.
Heat Pipe

The heat pipe used in Hykon Solar Water heaters has a boiling point of only 250 C. So when the heat pipe is heated above 250C, the liquid vapourises. The vapour rapidly rises to the top of the heat pipe transferring the heat. As the heat is lost at the condenser top, the vapour condenses to form a liquid and returns to the bottom if the heat pipe to repeat the process.

Each heat pipe is tested at 2500 C. For this reason the copper heat pipe relatively soft. Because of high temperature, the glass tube is given a three layer coating. Given the strict quality control and high copper purity, the life expectancy of the heat pipe is even longer than that of the solar tube.

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Comparison of Flat Plate / Evacuated Tube Collector
As the vacuum tube is round the Sun's rays are always striking the tubes surface at right angle and thus minimize the reflection. In case of flat plate collector the amount of solar radiation which strikes on the collector will be maximum only at the noon time. In ETC systems, due to the vacuum between the inner and outer tubes, the heat retention is comparatively more than that of FTP systems.
Sl.No  Facts  Evacuated Tube Collector  Flat Plate Collector
1 Sun Tracking Auto sun tracking due to circular shape of the vacuum tube Not possible due to flat design
2 Absorption area per day More Less
3 Water Quality bore well / hard water No scaling Scaling maintenance required
4 Drinkable Yes No
5 Hot Water In 2 hours In 3 hours
6 Space required for 100 LPD Over all length 6 ft Length of approx 10 ft
7 Effect of weather conditions Efficient in rainy & cloudy days Less efficient in rainy & cloudy days
8 Installation Easy Tedious
9 Structure Full Stainless Steel Mild steel
10 Efficiency Very high 10% less than ETC
11 Collector Vacuum tube Copper tubes
12 Heat loss at night 3 to 4° C 5 to 8 ° C
13 Weight 100 LPD 60 kg 75 kg
14 Maintenance Very less Required once in 3 years
Sun Tracking in ETC and FPC
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