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Inverters Starts from 600 VA to 5 KVA
DSP based intelligent control Ideal for Mixed load application
Fast change over in UPS mode UPS mode selector for computer application
Automatic Battery charging Pure sine wave output for silent operation of motors and fans
Inverters are a system which converts DC power (Battery) into AC  (Mains)

Inverters are mainly used to produce 230V AC from a Battery of 12/24Volts. Simple inverters find applications in automotives like bus, truck etc for running TV and other appliances. This type of inverters can be used to connect to a battery in a car to produce 230V when going for an outing. This type will not have a battery charger or automatic changeovers.

The inverters with automatic changeovers and battery chargers are mainly used in houses to have a back up at the time of power cuts or during power failures.

At the time of Power failure, the inverter will start functioning automatically and the connected appliances like bulbs, fans etc will function without any interruptions. When power returns, inverter switches off automatically and the battery will be charged.

Digital home inverter has been designed with our motto clear in mind 'One for all occasion' .It provides a toal solution for power failures and interruptions. DH series is having advanced Microcontroller technology which made it possible to handle surge loads. The output wave form is quasi sine wave which reduces the humming noise in appliances.


• DSP based intelligent control
• Fast change over in UPS mode
• Automatic battery charging
• Ideal for Mixed load application
• UPS mode selector for computer application
• Pure sinewave output for silent operation of motor and fans
• Cost of Battery Cabinet will be extra
• Short Circuit
• Overload
• Battery deep discharge
• Battery overcharge
• Mains over voltage
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